Hewlett Packard 300pI Interpretive EKG Machine

HP 300pi.jpg


The Hewlett Packard 300pi EKG Machine is a refurbished, high-performance cardiograph with interpretation, storage and trasmission features.  This unit captures accurate, simultaneous 12-lead ECG's on full-size paper.  It features a display and an aphanumeric keyboard so that patient demographics can be entered easily and quickly.  This unit provides highly accurate adult and pediatric interpretation and the built-in ECG Analysis Program produces reports that include measurements and analysis statements.  The 300pi also features advanced predictive instrument programs, especially useful in Emergency Medicine.  This unit is light-weight and is ideal for use in offices, clinics and hospitals.  This is sold as a refurbished unit and includes a patient cable, power cord, paper, clips, electrodes, operators manual and a 90 day parts & labor warranty (30 day warranty on patient cable.)

Physical Dimensions:  17" x 15" x 3"