Pelton & Crane Delta Q

Delta XL


The Pelton & Crane Delta XL Sterilizer is a 10 inch, fully automatic autoclave.  The unit features fully automated cycles, a sterile dry cycle and a large 10 inch chamber.  The Delta Q is the latest item in production and features many engineering improvements over previous models.  The Delta Q is an excellent choice for a busy practice.  The pre-programmed cycles include wrapped, unwrapped, packs and liquids as well as one self-programmed cycle.  Pelton & Crane has been a leader in sterilization for many years.  This sterilizer is sold refurbished with a 6 month depot warranty and includes trays and operators guide.



  • Chamber size: 9.88in and 17.5in (25.1 cm x 44.5 cm)
  • Chamber Capacity (Holds 3 Large or 9 small Hu-Friedy Cassettes or 3 European Trays): 1340in cubic (22,019 cm cubic)
  • Start-Up Time (to 134°C): 12 minutes warm
  • Sterilization Time: 16 minutes warm (unwrapped)
  • Drying Cycle Time: 30 minutes preprogrammed, variable 0 - 99 minutes
  • Outside Dimensions (with stand) (H x W x D): 14in x 19.75in x 23.63in (36 cm x 49 cm x 60 cm)