Leisegang 1DS Colposcope

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3x Magnification


The Leisegang 1D(S) Colposcope is equipped with a 3x drum changer with magnification powers of 3.75/7.5/15x magnification.   This model is equipped with a very bright, cold light and an insertable green filter for vascular examination.  The 75 watt halogen lamp for the light is placed in an external case to ensure cool light and comfort for the patient.  The light is coupled with an optimally adapted fiberoptic cable.  This colposcope is sold reconditioned with a 1 year warranty.



  • magnification:  3.75/7.5/15x
  • setting horiz/vert in mm:  20-40
  • lighting:  12 volt/75 watt cold light halogen
  • stationary base
  • joystick control
  • adjustable height