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The electrocardiogram is one of the most essential pieces of medical machinery used in hospitals and medical clinics today. It records a patient’s heart activity and helps doctors diagnose heart problems and monitor heart conditions during medical procedures. At AKW Medical we take pride in providing not just reliable and top quality EKG machines, but also top of the line EKG accessories and supplies.

EKG technology has come a long way since Willem Einthoven’s breakthrough invention, and while much of his original concepts are still in use, today’s EKG are highly sophisticated and compact electronic devices that make use of the latest computer technology. The electrodes, cables and other accessories used by EKG machines are as crucial as machine itself. AKW Medical offers affordable and quality EKG systems and EKG supplies that will satisfy your practice’s cardiology needs.

EKG Supplies from AKW Medical

AKW Medical sells all new EKG accessories that come complete with reliable factory warranties, so that you know you’re getting the best EKG supplies for your money. Whether it’s EKG paper or disposable electrodes, AKW Medical is your one-stop-shop for quality EKG supplies. AKW Medical has over 50 years of experience delivering reliable and durable medical products to our clients. As industry veterans, we are committed to providing customers with the best possible EKG accessories available at the best possible prices.

Among our EKG supplies you’ll find top quality EKG paper. The interpretation of EKGs in the past was limited by stylus speeds. Today, computational analysis has made it possible to run EKG paper at speeds of 25 mm/sec and faster. In our site, you’ll find a variety of EKG paper types, including industrial chart paper, to fit any EKG system. All of our EKG paper stands up to OEM standards and specifications.

We also have a wide selection of EKG cables and lead wire accessories. Our EKG cables provide you with top monitoring results and minimize the potential of electrical shocks caused by exposed pins. Cables are available in a variety of types and backed by a reliable factory warranty. You’ll also find snap and grabber lead wires in a variety of lengths, and best of all, AKW Medical offers competitive prices.

AKW Medical also provides EKG electrodes, an integral part of any EKG system. Our inventory includes disposable electrodes, reusable electrodes, needle electrodes, active electrodes and more. All of our products come from manufacturers that meet medical standards established by the U.S. and the European union. AKW Medical’s selection of EKG electrodes are engineered to function under rigorous conditions and suitable for all your medical needs, including rehab, cardiac and stress procedures. You’ll find resting snap electrodes for routine EKG patient testing and short-term procedures where the patient remains relatively stable. A universal snap button makes the resting snap electrodes easy to connect and use.

AKW’s customers include small clinics, university hospitals, and independent medical specialists. We have decades of experience providing customers with the best EKG supplies available at great prices. So look around and see how AKW Medical can help fill your medical equipment needs.