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An autoclave is a pressurized machine designed to heat aqueous solutions above their boiling point to achieve effective sterilization. Sterilization is essentially the elimination of bacteria, viruses, and all other transmissible agents from the surface of various devices. So, simply put, autoclaves are used to thoroughly clean and sterilize different items.

While autoclaves are typically associated with the medical field, and have been since their creation in 1879, autoclaves are also used in a variety of other fields. For example, autoclaves are used in microbiology, veterinary science, body piercing, tattooing, at nail salons, and more.

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To make sure our autoclaves are of the highest-quality, our experienced biomedical department is staffed with experts specializing in the repair, refurbishing, calibration, servicing, testing, and safety inspections of autoclaves. Our trained technicians perform rigorous testing and inspections processes, as well as provide thorough servicing and repairs. We have also associated ourselves with top medical equipment manufacturers. This, along with our superior customer service and history of satisfied customers, provides you the assurance that you are purchasing a premium autoclave that is working properly and ready for you to use.

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