Pelton & Crane Delta Q Autoclave

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The Pelton & Crane Delta Q Autoclave is the latest release from the factory.  This brand new, 10 inch, automatic autoclave features many new innovations to make the sterilization procedure in your office more efficient and more effective.  The Delta Q features closed door drying to ensure sterile instruments by eliminating warm water droplets for bacteria to grow.  A new ergonomic handle and redesigned user interface are part of the new and improved design.  This autoclave is sold with the best warranty in the industry - 6 Month Full Replacement in event of manufacturing defect, 3 Year Parts Warranty


New Features

-Ergonomic Handle

-Deep Chamber for 3 Large Hu-Friedy Cassettes & 3 Small Cassettes

-Easy-to-red, Redesigned User Interface

-Closed Door Drying

-New Calibration Method of all PC Boards Ensures No Failures

-New Joint Compound Used on all Seals to Reduce Leaks

-New Reservoir Assembly & New Solenoid Configuration

-New PC Cable in Place of Costly Printer

-Best in Class Warranty



Cycle Time Unwarpped:  15 minutes

Cycle Time Packs:  42 minutes

Chamber Dimensions:  9 7/8" x 17 1/2"

Outside Dimensions:  19 1/4" x 23 5/8" x 14"

Amp Circuit:  Unit requires dedicated 20 amp circuit