When we aren’t working on our clients needs we love to spend quality time writing about what’s new at our company and medical equipment among other topics such as current specials and new products we carry.

Personal Medical Equipment

A Guide To Medical Equipment Repair

Medical pieces of equipment are vital tools that are essential in hospitals for diagnosing patients. The doctors may be looking for any abnormalities using the medical machines. In modern-day times medical equipment is more critical than ever.

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Medical Machine

Have You Been Looking for a New Anesthesia Machine?

Owning an anesthesia machine in your clinic can be the deciding factor for many patients, whether or not they know it. Owning the Fabius GS Premium anesthesia machine allows them to get to know your clinic and agree for you to do procedures rather than your clinic having to refer them elsewhere. It enables you to perform surgeries better, easier, and all while monitoring the patient.

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X-Rays In The Operating Room

The Best Air Purification System – BovieVidaShield UV 24

With the risky environment both doctors and patients encounter in hospitals, clinics and healthcare centers, 2 million infections occur per year, resulting in 99,000 deaths, and $20 billion to the healthcare sector annually. So, it’s a must to do our best to avoid infections.

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Stryker Gurney

Guide to Our Stryker Stretchers

Stretchers are some of the best tools out there to ensure that a patient can be transported safely while having the most comfortable experience possible. The right gurney, another term as they commonly known, will prevent operators from obtaining back injuries and will provide the patient with a customized experience.

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AKW Medical Team