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Stretchers are some of the best tools out there to ensure that a patient can be transported safely while having the most comfortable experience possible. The right gurney, another term as they commonly known, will prevent operators from obtaining back injuries and will provide the patient with a customized experience.

Most gurneys are appropriate for general use yet there are also some that are useful for specific fields such as those for OB/GYN. If you’re looking for medical equipment for sale, consider buying any of the medical equipment described below

Camilla de segunda mano - Atlas 660

This is one of Stryker’s most efficient and popular stretchers out there. This is is able to handle all of your needs, regardless of which department you’re in. There are a few features, however, that make this gurney superior to other gurneys for sale on the market.

With this tool, Stryker has managed to create a tool that takes less force to start up. As such, medical personnel will be able to get to their destination faster than they would be able to otherwise. This medical equipment also provides users with 60% less turning effort.

Not only this, but the large wheels that come with this ensures that users will experience fewer back injuries. Patients will also experience more comfort because the mattress that is equipped with the tool is 4 inches, thereby, being much thicker than standard mattresses.

Stryker Atlas 660 Stretcher

This equipment has a weight capacity of 660 pounds. It is also extra wide, having a width of 31 inches. Because the Stryker Atlas 660 has extra big wheels, it is easier to be transported. As such, its 660-lbs weight capacity will feel like a breeze to operators. In the process, hospitals can expect to see fewer back injuries among its hospital staff.

Overall, this gurney has proven to provide hospital staff with added functionality. This is also because the product comes with an integrated patient transfer board. Because of this, operators will not need to fumble for the transfer boards and can, instead, use the ones that are directly attached to this product.

Camilla de segunda mano - Hill-Rom P8000

camilla Hill-Rom P8000

This product is good for a number of reasons; for example, it is one of the more affordable options out there. That being said, you can expect the chair to be slightly heavier than conventional ones.

This gurney happens to have a higher weight capacity than others you might find on the market. As such, customers and users will be able to transport higher loads. This gurney has been engineered to prevent vibrations from causing discomfort for patients In the process, any of your patients will be able to experience a higher level of comfort than they will with others out there.

With this Hill-Rom P8000 Stretcher, patients can experience four-wheel brakes, which ensure that their safety is never compromised. The breaks provide operators with added functionality because if they need to break quickly and abruptly, they’ll be able to do so without risking their own health or the health of their patients.

Since this also has collapsible rails, patients are ensured only the best comfort when in need.These rails provide patients with a completely customized experience, which is essential for anyone who wants to make their patients feel cared for.

Camilla de segunda mano - Stryker Gynnie OB/GYN 1061

Like the name of this product suggests, this tool is best used by an OB/GYN or by a department that specializes in this field.

With this tool, you can expect it to have a lower weight capacity. Still, with it being able to handle 500lbs, this product will allow you to handle pretty much anything you throw at it.

This equipment has a number of features that make it ideal for the field of OB/GYN. You can, for example, expect it to have a break-away pelvic section. It also have pop-up push handles, dual side-mounted foot control hydraulics. As such, those who are in the process of giving birth will be able to experience an increase in comfort and will find more ease in the process.

Stryker Gynnie OB/GYN 1061 Stretcher

With the stress that comes with labor, having a comfortable chair is absolutely essential. The footrest that comes with this gurney allows operators to adjust it with a single hand; thereby, ensuring that patients are provided with optimal comfort through the process.

The foot section is also completely adjustable, whether that be the foot supports or the folding foot section itself. As such, a visit to the OB/GYN can be completely customized to ensure the best experience possible for patients. It is also equipped with roller bumps.

For those undergoing a procedure, surgery, or for those who are being admitted as legitimate patients, Stryker’s Gynnie OB/GYN 1061 chair has three IV receptacles. This ensures the successful administration of fluids. If your patient needs to be administered several fluids at once, this tool is one of the best there is because the fluid schedule can be managed more efficiently.

Camilla de segunda mano - Stryker 5050 Eye Gurney

Stryker 5050 Eye Gurney Stretcher

While this product provides users with a number of different uses, it is best known for being useful for those who work with eyes. This tool is designed specifically for those who are going to go through eye surgery and as such, will be more efficient as others on the market.

This tool can rotate anywhere from 180 degrees to 90 degrees, which is a seated position. Because of the thickness of the mattress and its overall width, patients will be able to go through the surgery with more comfort than they would be able to otherwise. The foot section of this equipment will also allow users to have a customized experience.

The stretcher is only slightly less wide than other medical supplies we’ve listed, being a solid 28 inches in width. Stryker’s 5050 Eye Gurney also has foot hydraulics that allow operators to adjust the height of the chair with complete ease.

More than anything, this tool is designed to provide patients with complete comfort and security. Going through procedures and surgeries can be stressful enough without having to go through them uncomfortable as well, which is why these are the best solution for both you and your patients. More than anything, having a customized experience is important for those sitting in the stretcher.

If you have any questions about Stryker stretchers or gurneys please call us or chat with us during business ours─or simply contáctenos─and we will be more than happy to assist you with your needs!

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