OR Table Refurbishing

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AKW Medical offers complete OR Table refurbishing services. Our team of experienced technicians perform a comprehensive restoration of tired tables, saving you thousands of dollars in replacement costs. Each table receives 18-24 hours of intense attention, from internal electrical component replacement to a shiny new 2-part epoxy paint job. We guarantee our work with a 1-Year warranty for extra peace of mind.

Our technicians follow these steps during the process:

✅ Initial inspection

We do a thorough functional test of your table while looking over any cosmetic issues.

✅ Disassembly of table

All pads are removed, and we disassemble the entire table, including the braking system.

✅ Cleaning and lubricating

We go through an extensive cleaning and lubricating process to clean the shrouds, braking system, electrical components and casters. We also use a high-quality stainless polishing machine.

✅ Rebuild/repairs, as necessary

After carefully examining all parts of the table we rebuild, repair, and replace all parts that are needed.

✅ Taping, painting, and sanding

Our technician’s sand, tape and paint your table to look like-new.

✅ Relabeling

We replace all labels and stickers with new OEM labels.

✅ Reassembly of table

We carefully reassemble the table back to the manufacturer’s specifications.

✅ Final inspection

We give a thorough functional test of the entire table, verify operation and perform an electrical safety check.

To prevent downtime in your OR, a loaner table can be provided at an additional cost. All work is completed in our San Diego facility using quality components and premium paints.

Our Refurbishing Process

  1. 2-part epoxy painting process (table is completely disassembled for this process)
  2. All hydraulic systems leak tested and flushed
  3. Brand new pads
  4. All 4 batteries replaced
  5. All shrouds removed, cleaned and polished
  6. Braking system disassembled, cleaned
  7. Electrical components (power supply/transformer) cleaned and replaced as needed
  8. Clean and lubricate casters
  9. OEM labels and stickers replaced

Pictures of the Refurbishing Process

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