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Owning an anesthesia machine in your clinic can be the deciding factor for many patients, whether or not they know it. Owning the Fabius GS Premium anesthesia machine allows them to get to know your clinic and agree for you to do procedures rather than your clinic having to refer them elsewhere. It enables you to perform surgeries better, easier, and all while monitoring the patient.

The Fabius GS Premium anesthesia machine allows you to export gas flow, monitor patients, enhance charting, and with the user interface allows for precise adjustments at any time. The only downfall? It can be expensive for a small practice to own.

Buying second-hand doesn’t mean losing out on these features. This machine is pre-owned but in good condition and can be used on patients today. There are many options for financing and payment options for your clinic.

5 Reasons To Buy Pre-Owned Anesthesia Machine

Buying pre-owned brings many advantages to you and your clinic that you may not know. This anesthesia is one of the best ways to enhance your clinic, bring more customers in, and provide more services. Here are five more reasons you should buy pre-owned with AKW Medical.

1.Cut Costs

One of the most notable things about using pre-owned medical equipment is saving thousands of dollars. Brand new, this machine can be triple the cost and much harder to afford in a small clinic.


Pre-owned does not mean the machine is lacking quality. Many times they come to us like new, in good condition, and work perfectly. These are high-quality machines that provide excellent service for your patients.


Instead of throwing out perfect machines when a clinic gets a new machine, they give us their old ones. Pre-owned reuses something that is still usable; it lowers costs and gives the machine a new lifecycle.


By owning a pre-owned Fabius GS Premium anesthesia machine, you can rest assured that this machine is reliable. Unlike new machines, this has been on the market for a while and has proven how effective it is during surgeries.

5.Better Customer Service

AKW Medical focuses on reliable and satisfactory customer service. We will walk you through the opportunities to own this anesthesia machine and ensure everything is up to your standards. We want to ensure we give you the most options and have the fairest prices.

Our team wants to make sure you have the most options for financing and the best equipment to choose from. We know that owning an anesthesia machine allows you to do more things in your clinic. You can perform surgeries and monitor your patients easily with the Fabius GS Premium anesthesia machine.

What Makes The Anesthesia Machines A Better Choice?

This anesthesia machine was made in Germany and has a solid design that is also maneuverable to enable you to move it from room to room. There are ventilation features that will allow you to export gas, concentrations, and way more! On the main screen, you will be able to monitor and see the total gas flow. The best feature is that this has tons of space to add in extra equipment that you may need during surgery or other emergencies.

Features Of This Anesthesia Machine

  • Mechanical tubes that report gas flow
  • Illumination and lighting source
  • Storage space
  • Data access and transferring software
  • Automatic charting
  • Easy to use
  • Portable

This is a better choice than other anesthesia machines because it has solid evidence that it has been reliable during surgeries. It has all the features that make it easy to use during surgery and provide accurate information on the patient on the operating table. No matter the patient you can rest assured this machine will take care of them and you’ll be able to see everything.

Why Choose AKW Medical

We choose to offer the fairest prices on the best equipment. We purposely pick high-quality machines with good reviews that we trust and know that you can trust. Our customer service team will dedicate time to answering all your questions. AKW Medical will walk you through the buying process, financing options, and ship this anesthesia machine directly to you.

Payment Options

One feature that makes AKW Medical different from competitors is making payments directly through our website and choosing different financing options. If you are worried about affording this anesthesia machine, you can defer the payments for up to three months. This means your clinic can acquire that machine today, start using it, gain loyal customers, and collect payments.

After you have gained more business by using this machine, you can start making payments.

Deferred payments will be dependent on your credit score and approval. This is one of the best options for most customers, and we provide the best solution for you to start earning money before payments. AKW Medical is determined to be your number one choice when choosing pre-owned medical equipment.

Summing It Up

The Fabius GS Premium anesthesia machine is one of our top picks and can be an outstanding pre-owned choice. It is high-quality and provides the best service for your patients on the table. In addition, you will notice how durable, stable, yet maneuverable this anesthesia machine is. Call AKW Medical at 1-800-435-0507 for more information on financing this anesthesia machine.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the average new anesthesia machine cost?

Many new anesthesia machines can cost anywhere from $30,000 and $80,0000. Anything above $30,000 will ensure that the machine is brand new. However, that does not always mean it is better than pre-owned.

What is the best anesthesia machine?

If you are dealing with many age groups, you will want to stick with brands like Drager, Heinen Lowenstein, and Mindray devices. These will prove useful, reliable, and can be found pre-owned to cut costs without cutting quality.

Is a pre-owned anesthesia machine worth it?

If your clinic is looking for an anesthesia machine on a budget, choosing pre-owned can be worth it. Pre-owned is a sustainable way that allows you to have the options a bigger hospital has. In addition, this is a good way for you to attract new clients and provide more options to them.

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