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AKW Medical has been a leader in the field of sales and repair of medical equipment, helping medical establishments keep their equipment up and running smoothly since 1993. We also have benefited the health care community by providing quality medical equipment rental to facilities throughout San Diego County.

Offering medical equipment rental for your short-term and budgetary needs, we accommodate the rental of medical equipment such as surgical tables, anesthesia machines, autoclaves, patient monitors, EKG machines and much more!

Why Renting Benefits Your Bottom Line

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Starting with the most obvious and common reason hospitals choose to rent medical equipment instead of buying, is due to lack of budget. While larger hospitals may have the saved capital and ability to purchase what they need, smaller hospitals may not share the same luxury. Renting as opposed to buying medical equipment far outweighs the cost, especially when it is needed immediately.

When you have something break down, like an autoclave or a patient monitor, you most likely will need to have it fixed as soon as possible. Locating a repair person, scheduling the time to have them come fix it and knowing how long it will take to get the equipment back up and running can all take a toll on your business. Renting medical equipment in the interim can help keep patient care flowing smoothly with less hiccups.

“Renting as opposed to buying medical equipment far outweighs the cost, especially when it is needed immediately. “

The rate at which medical device technology introductions and upgrades are released, it is difficult to know whether or not the latest new technology will increase patient census and outcomes and help to reduce expenses. Through renting medical equipment your facility can determine if it will impact these initiatives that are so critical to healthcare, and can help determine the potential return on investment. Testing before buying can definitely be of great benefit.

Obsolescence also makes locating parts to repair older technology challenging, leading to longer and often more costly repairs, which then results in a shortage of equipment. Hospital staff needs to keep up with continuity of care through examining and treating patients without delay, because these incidents of malfunctioning equipment can damage both the reputation and brand of the institution, ultimately effecting its bottom line.

Medical equipment rental can keep your healthcare practice flowing not only seamlessly but also keeping it up to date.

Additionally, our company technicians service and maintain all of our rental equipment. This not only helps to keep things in excellent working order, but secures functionality and accuracy, as well as ensures patient safety to give you peace of mind!

Our Rental Options

We strive to make the medical equipment rental process as smooth and straightforward as possible for you.

We offer short-term rentals for a minimum of two weeks in a variety of product such as the Tuttnauer 2340M Manual Autoclave, the Edan iM70 Patient Monitor and the Refurbished Drager Narcomed GS Anesthesia Machine.

Let us know of your needs and we’ll be happy to assist! Call for a rental quotation, get availability, and schedule delivery of equipment to get started. You can also go to our medical equipment rental form for a free quote.

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