Dental Oxygen Flowmeter Calibration

Dental Oxygen Flowmeter Calibration

We run the largest autoclave repair facility in San Diego and have over 30 years of experience!

AKW Medical Offers Dental Oxygen Flowmeter PM

We specialized in the most reliable dental nitrous oxygen flowmeter preventive maintenance for your practice and repair service!

Our PM service includes:

✔ Verify that the nitrous “fail-safe” is working properly.

✔ Verification of the accuracy of both the nitrous oxide and oxygen gases.

✔ Verify all safety features are working properly; such as the emergency air intake and the non-rebreather valve.

✔ Four point flow testing (leak check).

✔ On/off switch operation and functionality.

Many dentists and medical professionals in San Diego and around the United States already rely on our products and services!

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