Bovie Derm 102 Bipolar High Frequency Desiccator


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Bi-polar power for in-office dermatology procedures at an affordable price

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The Bovie Derm 102 Bipolar Electrosurgery and High Frequency Desiccator is the 10 watt, cost-effective choice for every dermatology practice.  This is the solution to perform in-office minor skin procedures such as the removal of skin tags, benign lesions, and premalignant lesions.  The 10 watt power output is adjustable in 1/10 increments for tissue desiccation and fulguration.  The large, bright LED display to show the output across the room.  The power can be adjusted with the rotary dial on the unit or with the buttons on the 3 button pencil.  The option A803 footswitch can be plugged in if foot control activation is desired, and no separate hand pencil is required.  Includes: A902 handpiece, 5 A804 dermal tips, 2 ea A805 dermal tips, 5 ea A806 dermal tips, 2 ea A807 dermal tips, 2 ea A806DE dermal tips, 2 ea A807DE dermal tips, 2 ea A910 disposable handpiece sheath, wall mount kit, power cord.

**For the practitioner who wants to also use bi-polar electrosurgery along with high frequency desiccation, the following optional accessories are required: A827BP bipolar cable, a bipolar forcep and A803 footswitch.  Must purchase separately.**


  • 10 watts of bipolar power output
  • Strong enough to handle most in-office Derm procedures
  • Desiccation & Fulguration
  • 1/10th Watt Power Adjustment
  • Optional foot control
  • 4 Year Warranty
  • A827BP, A803 and Bipolar Forceps not included

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Weight10 lbs
Dimensions12 × 12 × 8 in

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