Bovie DERM 942 High Frequency Desiccator

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Bovie DERM 942 40 Watt High Frequency Desiccator designed for years of trouble-free use

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The Bovie DERM 942 40 Watt High Frequency Desiccator with Power Control Handpiece is the redesigned hyfrecator with more powerful features.  It has been designed to be more user friendly with features that save time and money.  Fewer accessories are needed to do more functions as compared to its competitor.  The 3-button pencil works with or without the optional footswitch.  The user has complete control including up/down power and activation from the handpiece.  Digital error detection keeps patient safety at a premium.  The hand pencil can be used even when the foot switch is plugged in, saving time during procedures.  New chip technology guarantees less breakable parts and a longer working life. Includes:  A902 hand piece, 2 each A910 & A910ST disposable hand piece sheath,  5 ea A804 Dermal Tips, 2 ea A805 Dermal Tips, 5 ea A806 dermal tips, 2 ea A806DE Dermal Tips  2 ea A807 Dermal Tips, A807DE Dermal Tips, wall mount kit and power cord. This item is sold brand new.


  • Less to buy and less to do with the Power Control Handpiece
  • Digital Error Detection
  • Spray Coag of 40 Watts/Bipolar 40 Watts
  • Optional Bipolar Accessories Available
  • Newly redesigned handpiece
  • 4 Year Limited Factory Warranty

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Weight10 lbs
Dimensions10 × 10 × 10 in