Medical Illumination MI 750 Dual Ceiling Light

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MI-750 Dual Ceiling LED Procedure Lights

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The Medical Illumination MI-750 LED surgical light delivers maximum brightness, sharpness, and color accuracy enabling surgeons to precisely view their work. The MI-750 LED surgical light provides a white, bright light from multiple LED spots, thus enabling excellent shadow control and an improved level of tissue rendition. FREE SHIPPING & 3 YEAR FACTORY WARRANTY.

  • Minor surgery/minor procedure LED light
  • LED surgical lights create very low heat
  • Output rated at 75,000 LUX at 1 meter
  • 4,300 degrees Kelvin color temperature
  • Whiter, more color-correct light than halogen exam lights
  • All MI Series lights incorporate a special front diffuser lens system that individually re-directs each beam into a single, coherent, even light field
  • High efficiency with half the electric consumption of halogen lights
  • Three-stage dimming and on/off switch controlled from a unique sterilizable handle
  • Long-life LED lights are rated at approximately 50,000 hours
  • Near-zero heat from both light beam and light head housing
  • Lower overall maintenance costs than halogen lights
  • Available in a variety of mounting options and extension kits
  • Three (3) year limited factory warranty


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