Pre-Owned Schiller Cardiovit MS-2015 EKG Machine


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Schiller Cardiovit MS-2015 Interpretive EKG with Touch Screen Technology, Integrated Printer and Cart

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The Schiller Cardiovit MS-2015 is an interpretive, 12 lead EKG machine with TOUCH SCREEN technology.  This state-of-the-art EKG machine offers a 15 inch, high resolution, color display.  The user can record, select and print high quality EKG tracings at ease.  Schiller uses 16 leads of simultaneously acquired ECG waveforms to provide an interpretation of the rhythm.  The Schiller algorithm reflects the latest guidelines for EKG guidelines.  Enter patient demographics quickly using the touch screen or a bar code scanner (not included.)  A built-in printer makes this a fully contained EKG that doesn’t require a computer or optional printer.  The Schiller MS-2015 can export readings in XML, HL-7, PDF, and DICOM format so that you can transmit to any EMR system that supports these industry standards.  This is sold pre-owned with biomed certification, includes Schiller cart and EKG patient cable. (additional shipping will be added for cart)


  • Early detection of STEMI
  • Touch Screen Technology
  • Capture and full disclosure storage of up to 4 minutes of ECG recording
  • Interpretation Software for Adults and Pediatrics
  • Instant Powerup for Immediate Availability
  • ECG processed, interpreted and printed in less than 3 minutes
  • Storage capacity of up to 350 EKGs
  • Pulmonary function measurements
  • 15″ full color display
  • Includes Schiller Kangaroo Cart with basket and writing surface
  • Includes patient cable

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Weight10 lbs
Dimensions12 × 12 × 4 in