Medical Equipment Calibration

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At AKW Medical, we are committed to providing reliable, high-quality medical equipment, superior customer service, and preventive maintenance and support to our local clients. To ensure the safety and the proper function of your equipment, we provide regular testing and calibration services in the San Diego area for each of our products.
Why choose AKW Medical for equipment calibration, testing, and maintenance?
Patient Safety and Accuracy
Periodic medical equipment testing and calibration should be a permanent aspect of any health care organization’s maintenance and quality control procedures. Equipment calibration and testing are integral to patient safety, effective treatments, accurate diagnoses, and precise research data. AKW Medical can assist your facility in meeting JCAHO requirements, insurance company inspection requirements, and OSHA electrical safety requirements for medical and dental offices.
Equipment Longevity
Our medical equipment calibration services ensure the longevity, accuracy, and efficiency of your equipment, allowing you to administer proper care and save money on repairs and new purchases in the long term. 
Certified, Knowledgeable Staff
Our technicians are specifically trained in laboratory equipment calibration. We are certified by Drager Narkomed for anesthesia machine calibration, and we have CBET-certified technicians on staff, allowing us to test and calibrate a wide range of equipment, including defibrillators, monitors, ventilators, EKG machines, and more.
Our staff will maintain your annual and semi-annual preventive maintenance records and will keep you on a schedule so that maintenance visits are never missed and your center is never out of compliance. Scheduled calibration and preventive maintenance visits are the key to being prepared for inspections and audits.
We use calibrated biomedical analyzers to maintain your equipment. After each visit, we supply a calibration report and computerized documentation showing test results.
Service Fit to Your Needs
We offer contract pricing that is tailored to your specific calibration needs—annual, semi-annual, and quarterly. We will beat any published price quote and offer free estimates on preventative maintenance discrepancies.
If you have any questions about medical equipment calibration or would like AKW Medical to test or calibrate your equipment today in San Diego, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help.