Medical Equipment Rental in San Diego

If you are in need of a piece of equipment for only a short time, or do not have the budget to purchase inventory, AKW Medical offers medical equipment rental in San Diego on all of our inventory. Contact us or call our office today at 1-800-435-0507 to inquire about pricing and availability of the item you are in search of.

More About Renting Medical Equipment

Many situations arise where medical equipment rental is a more viable option than purchasing something new. Using rental machines in the interim or simply as, “try before you buy” can be extremely cost effective for your business.

If your medical machine breaks, yet your budget does not allow for you to purchase a brand new one, you can always rent one in the mean time. Many organizations will rent medical equipment to use while they are awaiting the release of a new machine with added features. When you know that the technology for a given product is on the cusp of something exciting, it is pointless to purchase a new standard machine just before the updated version is released.

Additionally, renting medical equipment is a great way to figure out exactly what kind of machine you may need before settling on an expensive purchase. If you find that an older model works well for you or your business, you can end up saving hundreds of thousands of dollars by purchasing the less expensive version or older model, all of which provide the same results. Since there are so many different machines for similar tests and procedures, finding the one that is right for you can take more money, time, and effort than you have to spare. If you try them out before you buy them, you are much more likely to be satisfied with the machine you finally choose.

Renting medical equipment gives you the flexibility to replace your old or outdated machines whenever necessary, at a fraction of the cost. This keeps you from having to postpone or cancel procedures when machines do not function properly, and demonstrates your commitment to your patients. All in all, renting a machine can be a very affordable alternative to purchasing a new one. It is important to figure out exactly what your needs are before deciding to purchase or rent medical equipment.