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Have you ever bought a product and found it just wasn’t working for you? What you need is a reliable source that always keeps up-to-date on its products. Well, look no further as Welch Allyn is here to offer its assistance.

From maintenance services for existing equipment to providing high-quality, fully-equipped modern medical equipment, Welch Allyn does it all.

Boasting an incredible experience of over 450 years, they have a large customer base spanning from coast to coast.

Providing their buyers with top-of-the-line products at competitive prices and customer support, Welch Allyn has built up a strong name for itself in the industry.

About the Brand


Welch Allyn, a product brand of Hillrom Holdings, Inc., traces its roots back to 1915. Dr. Francis Welch and William Noah Allyn introduced the world to the first handheld direct illuminating ophthalmoscope, giving rise to the brand now known as Welch Allyn.

No Compromise on Quality!

Quality has always been one of Welch Allyn’s top-most priorities. Leaning back poor-quality products just will not suffice. That is why they promise to deliver high-standard goods and leave no room for error consistently.

Each product goes through rigorous quality control procedures, and one’s not up to par are not released into circulation. Quality and caliber are non-compromisable in their eyes.

Objective to Build Equipment That Lasts Long

Medical equipment is expensive, and no one likes spending on it throughout the year for the same product. Here at Welch Allyn, we aim to produce industry-level products which can last you a good while.

Maintenance and servicing are provided by Welch Allyn themselves but rest assured, your product will be back to peak performance afterward.

Why Sourcing the Highest Quality of Products is Essential Concerning Medical Equipment?

Being used in some of the most stressful and intense situations, medical equipment needs to always be up to par. EKG, EMG, EEG machines are used to detect potentially fatal conditions, and any disruption in the machine’s functionality can lead to the loss of life.


This is why we can never compromise quality in medical equipment, as it will have disastrous effects and may cause irreversible damage.

Welch Allyn prides itself on establishing procedures and checks to maintain a certain standard that meets all concerning requirements and does not falter in your time of need.

Top 5 Best-Selling Welch Allyn Products

You’ve got a pretty good idea about what Welch Allyn is and the basis of their brand. Now let’s look at some of their best-selling products in the market.

Pre-Owned Welch Allyn 300 Series Monitor

The Pre-Owned Welch Allyn 300 Series Monitor is a powerful monitoring system used to measure blood pressure, heart rate, pulse, and temperature. It monitors systolic and diastolic through non-invasive methods, preventing severe punctures or injuries.

If configured appropriately, it can simultaneously monitor the patient’s pulse rate and temperature, giving a wide variety of features with a single machine.

Some other key features are an automatic blood pressure mode, programmable alarms, built-in memory capability, and an integrated thermal printer option, to name a few. The Pre-Owned Welch Allyn 300 Series Monitor also comes with a standard six-month warranty, so buyers feel at ease in the case of any mishap.

Welch Allyn PC-Based Exercise ECG

The Welch Allyn PC-Based Exercise ECG is a fantastic addition to your medical practices. Monitoring and collecting heart signals has never been easier as the Welch Allyn PC-Based Exercise ECG offers a comprehensive list of functions.

It comes with several operation modes to choose from. Starting with the 12-lead ECG mode for baseline ECGs. This mode allows you to monitor all 12 leads simultaneously while being able to view them in various formats. Using its automated report printing feature, you can receive reports at whichever intervals you require without the need to be physically present.

Its unique scroll-back functionality provides easy detection of cardiac abnormalities and arrhythmias. With all the data being backed up on the hard drive, you’re able to access the original procedure whenever you want.

Exam Light 48740

The Welch Allyn Exam Light 48740 is a highly flexible fiber optic light that produces brighter, whiter light without the added heat. Being mobile and transportable, it can illuminate any room as per your needs.

Fiber Optic Light

It is bendable and can resist mechanical stress, giving it durability while also being incredibly efficient at its function. Technicians have designed the fiber optic light pipe to stay in position once fixed if appropriately mounted.

Allowing users to view tissue colors without any distortion clearly, is an excellent addition to gynecological examinations and procedures.

Integrated Diagnostic System 767

The Welch Allyn Integrated Diagnostic System 767 is an easy-to-use, reliable diagnostic tool offering you a broad array of features in one package.

It provides all the necessary components you’ll need to perform a complete diagnostic examination coupled with a MacroView Otoscope, giving you 30% more magnification and nearly a full view of the tympanic membrane compared to its counterparts.

The handheld rheostat makes for quick light adjustments, and being drilled into the wall makes it very unlikely to be stolen or tampered with.

Welch Allyn CP50 ECG Machine

The Welch Allyn CP50 ECG Machine offers speed, simplicity, and advanced connectivity, so you’re able to give your patient the best possible care. And all of that at affordable rates.

Patient and Doctor

It enables you to take fast ECG readings at the touch of a button and configure reliability and accuracy using on-screen settings. Giving you a large variety of features to choose from enables you to move patient data from one system to another, be it inside your compound or outside.

Where To Find These Products? – The Final Verdict

Your patients deserve the best medical care you can provide. Look at these products as long-term investments which will help you in your procedures and keep your patients satisfied.

You can easily find all the above-listed Welch Allyn products on the AKW website. For further information and details, be sure to check it out.

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