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Hygiene and cleanliness are global norms and values. Any person or business that reuses instruments and equipment to provide services needs autoclaves and sterilizers. It is a part of their responsibility towards their clients.

Unsterilized tools can be a health hazard and risk. It can cause infection and diseases. Therefore, machines such as autoclaves and sterilizers form a cornerstone in the services industry that uses tools and equipment.

Importance Of Equipment Sterilization

Many services-related businesses use the equipment. Some examples of businesses and services industry that reuse equipment are

  • Hospitals and Doctors
  • Beauticians
  • Tattoo Artists
  • Barbers etc.

There is no big deal reusing tools and equipment. Most tools and equipment are not disposable.

However, it is unethical to reuse untreated tools and equipment. Every person carries millions of bacteria and microorganisms. The equipment comes in contact with these microorganisms. Some germs may adhere to the tool from the air.

Therefore, once used, the equipment carries the germs from previous use. Reusing untreated equipment is a health risk. It can cause diseases and infection if not adequately treated for hygiene.

This is where autoclaves and sterilizers come to the rescue. Autoclaves and sterilizers use simple processes to cleanse and treat tools and equipment.

They make it ethical to reuse tools and equipment previously used. Autoclaves and sterilizers are a lifesaver.

What Is An Autoclave?

An autoclave is one kind of sterilizer. It uses the simple principle of heat to kill microbes.
Autoclaves use steam at high temperatures and pressure to treat tools and equipment. The heat and pressure kill harmful bacteria, microbes, and germs.

Microbes and Germs

Autoclave requires some time to sterilize the tool and equipment. The steam transfers heat to the surface of the instrument and equipment. The heat is unbearable for any germs and microorganisms to live. Therefore, the tools are cleansed. Reusing tools after sterilization in autoclaves and sterilizers is not a health hazard and risk.

Difference Between Autoclave and Sterilizer

Autoclaves and sterilizers are generally used as synonyms. Therefore, a typical person cannot find any difference. Both perform the same task. However, there are some fundamental differences. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the difference between autoclaves and sterilizers.

The sterilizer is a general term used for sterilization machines. Any machine or equipment that can sterilize reusable tools is called a sterilizer. There are many kinds of sterilizers. Each sterilizer uses some basic principles to cleanse and sterilize instruments and equipment.

Merriam-Webster defines a sterilizer as a piece of equipment that destroys microorganisms by heating them with steam, dry heat, or boiling liquid at high temperatures. However, there is a range of processes used for sterilizing. Some popular and well-known sterilizers include:

  • Gas/Chemical Sterilizers
  • Steam Sterilizers
  • Glass Bead Sterilizers
  • Sterilization With Ultraviolet Radiation
  • Dry Heat Sterilizers

The autoclave is also a kind of sterilizer. It is a specific kind of sterilizer that uses high pressure and temperature to sterilize.

Autoclave is a combination of two words

  • Auto (Greek) meaning “self”
  • Clave (Latin) meaning “key”

When combined, the two words mean “self-locking”. Auto-Lock is one of the features that sets autoclave and sterilizers apart.

Autoclaves and sterilizers have the same function. However, autoclave has some industrial applications like plastic production and material curing.

Experts agree that steam sterilization is the most reliable method to sterilize.

How Do They Work?

Autoclaves use water, pressure, and heat to sterilize equipment and products. It creates superheated steam to kill microbes, germs, fungi, and spores. However, the steam is hotter than boiling water. Therefore, microorganisms cannot survive the heat.

Autoclaves are best for sterilizing medical instruments, surgery tools, labware, and equipment.

Steam autoclave and sterilizers use temperature, pressure, and water. However, to thoroughly cleanse and sterilize, autoclaves and sterilizers need time.

Autoclave and sterilizers are effective at a temperature higher than the boiling point of water. The optimum temperature for the superheated steam is 250°F or 121°C. At this temperature, microbes can’t survive.

Autoclaves and sterilizers are distinct from each other as autoclaves also use high pressures. The high pressure makes the environment uninhabitable for microbes. Pressure also helps with directing the steam at the equipment with minimal waste. The optimal pressure for autoclaves is 20 psi.

Time and patience are essential for autoclaves and sterilizers. The time needed to sterilize most organisms depends on the temperature and pressure. At 250°F or 121°C in an autoclave pressurized to 20 psi bags, at least 30 minutes is the optimal time to sterilize completely.

What Are the Best Autoclaves and Sterilizers in the Market?

Keeping in mind the importance of autoclaves and sterilizers, there are several manufacturers. Autoclaves and sterilizers are primarily used in the industrial production, health services industry. However, there are other uses too.

New autoclaves and sterilizers are costly. They are affordable for well-equipped hospitals and industries. However, for a small clinic or salon, they are expensive. Therefore, pre-owned or second-hand autoclaves and sterilizers are a better option.

Midmark and Tattnauer are reliable brands when it comes to autoclaves and sterilizers manufacturers.

Where To Get Your Autoclave Sterilizer?

Pre-owned autoclaves and sterilizers are reliable as they have been used before. They save a lot on the budget as they are available for a cut-price. Most of these machines are put on sale by hospitals and industries when they buy a new one. Therefore, most of them are in perfect condition.

However, you need a reliable seller to get your hands on the best autoclaves and sterilizers. AKW Medical provides the best autoclaves and sterilizers. They sell both new and pre-owned autoclaves and sterilizers. In addition, we have responsive customer service that provides guidance and support.

You can shop for medical instruments, machines, and tools other than autoclaves and sterilizers at AKW Medical.

The Takeaway

Hygiene is an unwritten agreement between a client and a service provider. Therefore, sterilization of reusable equipment is a responsibility. Therefore, autoclaves and sterilizers are a must in any industry that reuses tools and equipment. Equip with the best autoclaves and sterilizers at AKW Medical.

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