Single-use, disposable ECG lead wires are a cost-effective way to reduce patient cross-contamination and improve your patient flow. One out of twenty patients will acquire a healthcare-associated infection (HAI) as a result of hospitalization. 100,000 deaths per year in the US are the result of HAI.

Research shows that 77% of reusable ECG lead wires are contaminated with antibiotic-resistant nosocomial pathogens. As a result of the heightened public awareness of HAI including MRSA, these disposable ECG lead wire accessories were developed to provide the most cost-effective disposable solution on the market to help you reduce the costs of your infection control program.

Our flat, lightweight, ribbon-style lead wire cable allows you to customize the length of each lead reducing lead tangling and improving patient comfort. Tried and tested grabbers require no training for your staff. Use the clips everyone is used to and knows how to use.

No changes to your work flow or new training required. With compatibility to Philips, Datascope, Drager, GE Multi-Link, Mindray and Nihon Kohden monitoring trunk cables, you elimiate the need for additional adapters. Connect the leads directly into your existing equipment, making it cost-effective and easy for your staff.

Disposable ECG Leadwires

What are the benefits of disposable lead wires?

  • Decrease the spread of infections associated with reusable lead wires
  • Save big by standardizing your lead wires and improve inventory management with our multiple ECG adapters
  • Compatibility with Philips trunk cables and telemetry systems allow for quick disconnect/reconnect so that the leads remain with patient through the entire hospital stay
  • No need for special adapters for Datascope, Drager, GE Multi-Link, Mindray, Philips or Nihon Kohden monitors – they can be connected to your existing equipment. For other monitors choose our full line of ECG connector adapters which allow you to connect any disposable lead wire set to any patient monitor
  • Reduce signal interference with high-quality shielded cables
  • Blue color indicates they are disposable and are easily differentiated from reusables
  • Latex-free, lightweight, 35 inch lead wires that allow you to customize the length of each lead wire to increase patient comfort
AKW Medical Team