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Veterinary Medicine
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At AKW Medical, we understand how important a person’s pet can be, and therefore the importance of one’s veterinary doctor. Today, veterinary medicine is regarded as one of the most respected professions in the country, and with good reason. Veterinarians must acquire an immense amount of knowledge and skills in order to protect the health of varying animal species.  This is something that is beneficial not just to the happiness of pet owners and animal enthusiasts, but also to the environment and to public health.

Veterinary doctors work long and difficult hours to accomplish their job. They must not only be scientific minded and compassionate, but they must also have the ability to communicate well with owners and their pets. Aside from the years of studying and training, veterinarians require the most effective and reliable medical equipment and devices; AKW Medical is here to provide them with much needed, top notch veterinary equipment.

Our inventory includes quality veterinary anesthetic machines, electrosurgical units, portable veterinary EKG’s and portable ultrasound machines. All of our veterinary medical devices are state of the art and feature factory warranties.  Each of our machines comes with the added promise of quality and reliability that you have come to expect from shopping with us.

New Medical Veterinary Equipment

Our brand new medical veterinary equipment comes with all standard accessories and a full factory warranty. The Edan VE-300 Veterinary ECG is sold new with a 2 year factory warranty. The Edan ECG is the latest in digital EKG machines which feature a high resolution thermal printer. Also available new is the Highland HME 109 Veterinary Anesthetic which includes brand new vaporizers and a 3-year warranty that covers parts and labor. When you buy new equipment from us, you can trust that it comes from the best medical veterinary equipment manufacturers available.

Refurbished Medical Veterinary Equipment

New veterinary practices can save money on start-up costs by purchasing refurbished medical equipment. Often, there is hesitation to invest in “used” equipment.  However, refurbished does not just mean “used”. All of our refurbished veterinary medical equipment has been inspected and repaired by professional medical equipment technicians to ensure it stands up to the same reliability and performance standards as any piece of brand new equipment. That’s why our refurbished medical devices come with their own warranty terms and include all necessary accessories. Our Ellman Surgitron FFPF EMC Electrosurgical Unit comes fully refurbished and includes the patient grounding pad and pen along with a 90-day warranty.

At AKW Medical, we are committed to selling only the most reliable medical equipment. So take a look around or medical veterinary inventory and see how you can save on quality medical devices with AKW Medical.