We run the largest autoclave repair facility in San Diego and have over 30 years of experience!

Veterinary Equipment for Sale & Service

We specialized in the most reliable veterinary equipment for your practice and veterinary instrument care along with the best preventive and repair service!

✔ We service anesthesia, ventilators, monitors, autoclaves, ekg’s, pulse oximeters, and more!

✔ Our company has been a leader in veterinary euipment preventive maintenance and service for over 30 years.

✔ Our veterinary equipment service team includes knowledgeable CBET technicians and a caring support staff.

✔ We service San Diego County, Imperial County, Orange County, and Riverside County!

✔ We carry Edan, Tuttnauer, and Comen veterinary equipment!

Many dentists and medical professionals in San Diego and around the United States already rely on our products and service!

Questions? If you are in need of a particular piece of veterinary equipment that was not found in our catalog, or if you have a question, comment, idea or suggestion, please contact us TODAY!

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